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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Negative Press

A recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center indicates that John McCain is receiving far more negative coverage than his opponent, Barack Obama. Liberal media bias aside, it may be helpful to examine why this might be happening.

For one, the reason McCain is getting so much negative coverage is because he's run a pretty negative, downright nasty campaign. He's accused Obama of teaching sex education to kindergartners, palling around with terrorists and being a Marxist. At Palin's rallies, supporters have shouted out "Nigger," "terrorist," "he's an Arab" and "kill him." But what's worse, she's never said a word to quell that kind of filth.

And we all know about the young McCain supporter in Pittsburgh, who carved a "B" into her face. What you may not have heard was that instead of looking for the facts in this clear case of race baiting 11 days before the election, McCain and Palin called this little liar themselves. And even worse, McCain's camp in Western PA fed local news outlets this story before a formal police report was ever processed.

Furthermore, McCain is just not running a good campaign. By most accounts, and clearly no votes have been counted (or stolen) yet, McCain is going to get whooped. He's alienated his own party and left down-ballot candidates throughout the country up shit's creek without a paddle. Staunch republican pundits from George Will to David Brooks have looked upon his Vice Presidential pick as pessimistic at best. And to that end, it appears as though Palin and McCain are rarely on the same page. His house does not seem to be in order, with his running mate's sights set more on 2012 than on 11/4.

In short, McCain's run a poor campaign, marred by the politics of fear and robocalls. And that's not to say he can't still win. After all, he's running against a black dude with the middle name "Hussein." But it's no coincidence - and certainly no conspiracy - that he's getting so much negative coverage. It would be biased to cover this mess any other way.


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