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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Going Rogue

Sarah Palin is going her own way; going rogue. It is safe to assume that with 2008 slipping away, the Alaska Governor is fixing her (pretty) eyes squarely on 2012. Furthermore, Palin feels like she's been mishandled on this campaign, and her camp has resisted using the talking points provided from the McCain camp. "Recently, she's gone from relying on McCain advisers who were assigned to her to relying on her own instincts," said an unnamed McCain aide. Palin clearly sees herself as the next leader of the party, and is looking to get from under the stench of a presumed McCain defeat. Similarly, McCain and his camp, will look to paint Palin as too divisive, and ultimately responsible for his loss. That is assuming he loses. For the record, it is is still pretty close.

Palin has gone off message previously in this campaign with regard to Reverend Wright, battling for Michigan and robo-calls. It's amazing to think that a VP pick has gone off the reservation in this race, and it's not old Hairplugs Biden.


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