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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

On the Attack

A widening divide exists within the McCain camp, as to how whether or not they should hit Barack Obama on the issue of Reverend Wright. "Wright is off the table," said one top campaign official. "It’s all McCain. He won’t go there. His advisers would have gone there."

Reverend Wright, and Obama's association with him, was the cable news topic dujour for about a month this spring. But then Barack Obama stood up in Philadelphia, and gave what could be regarded as one of the most inspiring speeches on the matter of race and America in recent history. Shortly thereafter, the issue went away. And now, McCain is reluctant to revisit it.

Stymied McCain advisers and other frustrated G.O.P.ers are hoping that an outside organization (think Swift Boat Veterans for Truth) will help to bankroll an effort to bring this association back to light. McCain's own Vice Presidential candidate, and all around loose cannon, Sarah Palin had this to say to the NY Times' Bill Kristol: "I don’t know why that association isn’t discussed more." Yeah, can't say why, Sarah? Because, you know, it worked so well for Hillary.

In fact, no it didn't. Obama took that sound byte of an issue head-on, back in April, and turned it into a real discourse, about a real issue that has troubled this nation since it's inception.

And the recent personal attacks waged by the McCain camp have not worked either. According to a poll released today by CBSNews/NYTimes (LIBERALS!), it has backfired on Mccain. The findings of this totally biased, presumably Jewish, liberal poll found that Obama has opened up a 14 point lead in light of these negative campaigns. Apparently, voters care more about issues, which is what they say Obama's been talking about, than they do about associations, which is what they say McCain has focused on.

Go figure.


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