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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mickey Mouse Type Shit

Today, the St. Petersburg Times reported that Mickey Mouse signed up to vote this summer in Florida. The registration form, which is most likely fraudulent (gotta be, right?), came through stamped with the logo of the nonprofit group ACORN, Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.

ACORN has come under fire for similar allegations in other swing states of Ohio, Nevada and Indiana, to name a few. If these allegations are true, this soon-to-be-tarnished nonprofit is giving the electoral process a black eye. Furthermore, it is providing ammunition to the G.O.P., as they will surely lay the blame for this at the feet of Barack "I <3 terrorists" Obama.

This stunt, whether perpetrated by an individual or an organization, overshadows the tremendous, and legitimate, voter registration efforts that have taken place this election cycle. And to that end, Muck Breaker would like to strongly condemn any form of election malfeasance; but also concede that it is sort of funny that Republicans are so up in arms about this, especially in Florida.


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