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Friday, October 10, 2008

What Card Will They Play Next?

Earlier this week, Muck Breaker reported that the tenor of the Presidential campaign had taken on a decidedly negative tone. However, as the week progressed, that tenor went from negative to downright hostile. For the most part, this shift was on the Republican side, and more specifically from their supporters.

And for good reason... the base is furious. With the Obama advantage widening and sure-thing red states suddenly coming into play, Republicans at stump speech after stump speech have literally been asking McCain/Palin to take their gloves off, and save the country from Obama. (Or is it Osama? Man, those names are similar!)

And when we say, Republicans have been asking this of their candidate, we don't mean market research or polls indicate that, we mean they've actually been asking out loud. Crowds at McCain/Palin events this week have been vocally imploring the team of mavericks to do something substantial. Furthermore, when Obama's name is mentioned at rallies, members of the crowd have been heard to shout: Terrorist, Damn Liar, Obama Osama and NoBama.

But despite these incredibly clever and poignant remarks from the riotous mob, little has seemed to have resonated with the McCain camp. At Tuesday night's debate, when given the chance to confront this lying, terrorist, No-Bama character, McCain instead waddled around the stage going on and on about earmarks and saying "my friends" 116 times.

So with around 25 days to play ball before the election, will McCain give into his supporter's fear and anxiety and play the one sure card he's got left: race. Because, let's face it, Barack Obama is a weird name. He was born in Hawaii. And, well, I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but the dude is black. And after a quick trip to wikipedia and Disney World's Hall of Presidents, it "appears" we've never had a black President in this country before.

But would McCain stoop to using the race card? Would his own blind ambition lead him to use the very same underhanded methods that derailed his own promising Presidential bid in 2000?

As we all remember, McCain's Presidential ambitions were left for dead when Karl Rove, working on behalf of George W. Bush, engineered a devastating whisper campaign against him in South Carolina. Rove, and his league of dark minions, purported that McCain had a "secret brown baby" out of wedlock. Of course, this was not true. McCain has an adopted daughter from Bangladesh, Bridget, that he and his wife Cindy were kind enough to take in to their family. But, the race card, backed by misperception and fear, will never be trumped by truth.

So, would McCain use the same race card that undid him 8 years ago?

Many might say: "Yeah, of course he would. Why wouldn't he? This is America, dude. A lot of Americans are totally racist." This might even explain why Sarah Palin wore a white dress while giving a speech in Florida this week, despite the fact that it's been over a month since Labor Day. (Hello?!)

It is also worth noting that Barack Obama's middle name "Hussein" has been mentioned on more than one occasion this week. And by mentioned, we mean shouted for emphasis. Because, really, what could possibly be more frightening than a guy's middle name?

(Hint: the economy)


Blogger Haplo said...


October 11, 2008 at 5:25 PM

Blogger James said...

dude, i saw a pretty compelling video on youtube that said obamer was a terrorist, and that he held meetings with them. what was I doing on youtube? looking for the truth, i know its out there, and youtube seemed like a good place to start.

Who will run the universal health care system/company/whatever if obama wins?


October 13, 2008 at 10:18 AM


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