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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Beat It!

It's not right to boo. Nor is it ok to criticize your predecessors while their seat is still warm. It shows no class. However, since President Bush never once showed a shred of class while in office, why on Earth should he be shown any on his way out? President Bush was wildly booed from the Mall and his chopper was given the one hand (and one finger) salute, as it exited the District for Andrews AFB.

The image of W. flying away (for forever please!) with Barry, Biden and their hot wives waving goodbye was one for the ages. And as the helicopter left the ground, it was as though weights were removed from our collective shoulders, and spirits exorcised from our shared psyche. However, as great as that sight was, it wasn't even the best disgraced republican picture of the day.

Cheney in a wheelchair?! The official story is that Cheney hurt his back lifting moving boxes. We here at Muck Breaker have a bridge to sell anyone out there who honestly believes that yarn. (Great condition!) In all probability, Cheney hurt his back trying to kickbox an orphan.


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