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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Getting Gay in Iowa, Vermont and DC

Long before the volleyball scene from Top Gun, "the gay" has threatened to infiltrate the very fabric of our society. This movement took a step backwards with the passage of the controversial Proposition 8. It seemed the same get out the vote campaign which brought voters to the polls (nh) for Obama, also helped pull the gay out of California. Who could have seen that coming? For as this blog pointed out, in error:

California can't outlaw the gay. California is the gay. Isn't the state flag of California a picture of two gays with an adopted Asian baby?

But of course, Prop 8 did pass. And while the left was thrilled with the election of Obama, it remained scratching their heads at the passage of this fear-based legislation.

But then Iowa continued to challenge the rest of the nation's preconceptions of the Hawkeye State, and officially legalized the gay on April 3. Later that week, Vermont got gay, too, with DC following a short while after that. And with measures being voted on in New Hampshire, Maine and New York, those closet-cases Rhode Island and Connecticut don't stand a chance. It's only a matter of time before the gay reaches around to them, too.

However, maybe the most interesting development to the already stiff gay-rights movement was the recently published study, which suggested that attitudes toward the gay differ with generations. So basically, as soon as the all of the old intolerants pass away, the gay will be free to prance from sea to shining sea.

But, as the study surely went on to suggest, even some of the young folks will forever remain ignorant. This is, after all, still America.


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