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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rumsfeld Rides the Bus

Rumors have been circulating for weeks now that former Secretary of Defense, and all around squinty-eyed twat, Donald Rumsfeld has been seen riding the 42 bus in Washington, DC. It's good to know that Uncle Rummy is still kicking around with at least $1.35 in walking around money. But could this rumor be true?

The answer is yes. Yesterday, we here at Muck Breaker recieved an email from arguably our most beautiful reader, stating: DUDE I SAW DON RUMSFELD ON THE BUS THIS MORNING. No one believes me but I know it was him. Is that even possible? We made eye contact. I am totally thrown.

I've ridden the 42. It sucks. While, I'd rather see Uncle Rummy on the slow boat to hell, I can still get a kick out of him this way. It's no wheelchair, but I suppose it'll do.


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