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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Who? Us?

Obama's speech yesterday on the steps of the Capitol wasn't necessarily his best speech. And it was by no means his longest, coming in at about 20 minutes. In many ways, it was atypical of the style we've come to expect from Obama. It wasn't lofty or even hopeful. It was realistic, and at times grim, stating plainly the challenges we as Americans will face in the coming years. In his inaugural address, Barack Obama implored the American people to take ownership of our own fates, ushering in what he called 'a new era of responsibility.'

This was a bold move for Barack. He's usually all 'hope' this and 'yes we can' that. This was a touch more fire and brimstone, dabbled with a call for pulling up of bootstraps. But he might be onto something. Because, apparently we as a nation are screwed. We are in two wars right now. Our economy has gone to shit. Our healthcare system is a joke. And the environment required immediate action 10 years ago.

Ok, so maybe the new President is right. Maybe we are screwed. But he wants us to take responsibility? He wants us to do something? Slow down, new guy. You do know who just left office, right? The last guy told us a week after 9/11 to return to shopping malls and theme parks; to go about our normal lives. There were no victory gardens in George Bush's America. Asking citizens to sacrifice during times of great national crisis is really more of a 1940s thing.

Let's not get too ahead of ourselves here.


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