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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 3 in Denver - The Love Fest Continues

Last night in Denver, the official nomination took place. During roll call, Hillary Clinton, speaking on behalf of the New York delegates, requested that the voting be suspended, and Barack Obama be nominated by acclamation. Speaker Pelosi seconded this motion, and the "I's" took it handily.

Hours later, the love fest continued when Bill Clinton took the stage and shocked damn near everyone. In his speech, the 42nd President fully, and seemingly genuinely, endorsed Barack Obama for President. Clinton urged Hillary's supporters to get behind Barack this November. He even repeatedly said, "Barack is ready." There was hardly even any mention of his Administration.

Honestly. I would have been less surprised if aliens had ripped off the roof of the Pepsi Center. I really did not see this coming.

Oh yeah, and Joe Biden talked too. I guess he's gonna be vice president or whatever.


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