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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Injuries Sustained at Health Care Townhalls Will NOT Be Covered Under Proposed Health Care Plan

In town halls across the country, the debate over health care has gotten spirited. And by debate, we mean fight. And by spirited, we mean buck-ass wild. Let's open wide and take a look, shall we?

The Obama Administration wanted health care legislation passed before the August recess. Of course, that didn't happen. So with Congress on vacay until Labor Day, Dr. Barack has sent his lawmaking minions back to their home bases to sell his forced abortion, sex change, commie, freak out health care bill to the people. The obedient legislators have opened up the floor at town halls in their districts, looking to gauge voters' temperatures. And that's when things started getting weird.

As you might expect, some folks have trotted down to these events and spoken into the microphones before thinking, saying things like, "Get the government out of my Medicare!" But it's not just people in overalls and NASCAR hats, crying socialism. In some places, it's actually gotten violent. Fights have broken out. Lawmakers have been shouted down. Today in Pennsylvania, Arlen Specter was told what his eternal fate would be, and Kathy Castor had to have police escort her out of the building earlier this week in Florida.

And similar scenes of hostile constituents are meeting lawmakers elsewhere. Some legislators have decided to conduct their town halls over the phone, while others are avoiding them altogether. Because, like with health care issues, sometimes it's best just to avoid the problem.


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