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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pack Your Shit, George!

No matter the outcome of this week's election, one thing is for certain: George W. Bush has got to pack his shit and get the fuck out of town!

That's right. By this time Wednesday, the hopeless child President, who butchered both the Constitution and the English language, will have to pack it in. Regardless of tomorrow's outcome, he will have to to gather his flightsuits and near beer, and head back to Crawford.

It's last call, buddy. You know the drill. Time to go. The history books are leaving you a pretty hefty bar-tab, pal. (Second only to the tab you leave our grandchildren.) But not even all of your daddy's connections, (or all of Cheney's bird shot), can get you out of this one. Your legacy will not be spared it's due wrath.

So do us a favor, George, and don't let the door hit you, where the good lord split you. Oh, and take your buddies with you, too.


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