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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day 1 in St. Paul - Nobody's Home

Day 1 in St. Paul was not as eventful as the Republicans, or this correspondent for that matter, might have hoped. As Hurricane Gustav barreled down on the Gulf Coast, Republican planners thought it might be best not to pat themselves on the back all night long, while another potential tragedy approached New Orleans. Something about the lingering images of Federal ineptitude during the Katrina debacle that led the big speakers away from the podium here on Monday night. And in reality, the GOP not only couldn't have played it any better, they really couldn't have played it any differently.

Cindy McCain and First Lady Laura Bush took to the stage briefly and implored the delegates, and viewers at home, to do what they could to help the Hurricane relief effort. But with Gustav now downgraded to a Tropical Storm, all signs point to a full day of speakers and events on Day 2. John McCain will probably show up for Day 4, despite rumors to the contrary. The balloons lofted high above the stage at the XCEL Center will presumably fall to the stage Thursday night as the nominee makes his acceptance. And the show, most likely, will go on.


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