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Monday, November 3, 2008

Have Some Math

In about 24 hours polls will begin to close on the east coast. And as of now, depending on which poll you read, there is anywhere between 8 - 13 toss-up states. The remaining 37 - 42 states are considered safe bets for their respective candidates. But the toss-ups will likely determine the outcome. As of now, it appears that McCain must not only win the bulk of these toss-ups, but he must also take a blue state out of Obama's column in order for his math to reach the enchanted number of 270 electoral votes.

According to many experts it appears that Pennsylvania is the intended target for McCain's camp. And, it appears these experts may be right. During the waning days of the 2008 election, McCain has spent the bulk of his time and money in the Keystone State, banking on it leading him to victory. Though, even with a Pennsylvania win, the Obama camp can still take the day. McCain, however, can not boast the same.


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